“A couple of weeks ago I finally said it. I told myself and believed in it 100% - 'I don’t have PTSD anymore.’”

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Overcome PTSD
For Good

We’ve helped thousands of people around the world fully recover in record time. Are you next?


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“I sleep through the night, I don’t have any nightmares or ptsd symptoms…and I am the happiest I have been!”


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  • The story behind my "miracle recovery" from debilitating trauma
  • ​Why therapy, doctors, and medication failed to heal you
  • The simple 4 step system to eliminating symptoms permanently

Is Full Recovery Possible For You?

No one is broken beyond repair, it’s never too late to heal

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We help trauma survivors who feel broken

Most trauma survivors think they’re doomed to a hopeless life of pain and suffering. Their painful past causes endless cycles of depression, anger, fear, and anxiety, leaving them a shell of who they used to be. But the truth is with the right tools and support even decades of trauma can be healed in as little as 12 weeks.

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Eliminate symptoms permanently

You don’t have to live in pain forever. Once past trauma is fully processed your symptoms are eliminated. You gain an unshakable inner peace, are able to mend broken relationships, and are free to build the life you always dreamed of. All of this is possible no matter what trauma(s) you’ve endured or how long you’ve suffered.

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A new powerful way to heal

Recovery should always be in your hands. Your healing no longer has to be dependent on weekly sessions or a single person, we’ll show you how to independently heal from the privacy of your own home. Teaching you techniques that harness the natural power of your brain’s information processing system so your symptoms never come up again.

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It’s time to break free

Are you ready to leave your past behind and build a brighter future for you and your loved ones? If so, I have good news… Here at OvercomingPTSD.com, we put together a free and helpful training showing you the exact tools and techniques needed to heal PTSD and past trauma for good. You can access it now by clicking here.

You don’t need an “official” diagnosis

Do you experience any of the symptoms below?
If so, you’re in the right place to heal.
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Isolation
  • "On-Edge"
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Self-Destruction
  • Worthlessness
  • Hopelessness
  • Feelings of Failure
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Addictions

“None of this is your fault and
everything is going to be okay.”

That’s what I needed to hear when I was suffering, and it’s what I’m telling you now.

And it’s true. None of this is your fault and everything is going to be okay.

Hi my name is Kayleen, and after recovering from 15+ years of my own CPTSD I created OvercomingPTSD.com to give back all the lessons I learned along my journey. (You can read my full story here.)

Maybe you’ve been struggling for years or decades, or maybe your struggle has just begun.

Either way, here you will only find hope and healing.

There’s no shame in what you’re going through, millions of people stand in your shoes and I used to be one of them. 

Today you’re taking the very first step towards full recovery. Towards inner peace, unshakable confidence, and deep loving relationships. For that, you should be extremely proud.

And whether you…

  • were bullied in elementary school
  • went to war
  • experienced family instability
  • are chronically or terminally ill
  • had your physical or mental space breached
  • felt less than
  • have lost someone you deeply care about
  • felt like you hate yourself
  • felt like a failure
  • are struggling with grief
  • have anxiety

…or anything in between, I welcome you with open arms.

You deserve to feel better, and you deserve to heal.

Healing is not about taking a different medication or trying a different therapy, everything you need is inside of you right now.

I’m not saying it will be easy… it will likely be the hardest thing you ever do. But, the hardest things in life always give you the greatest rewards, and I want to help you get those rewards. 

I want to help you save your relationship, be proud of who you are, and have a future you’re excited about.

I want to help you go back to school, start a business, or get your dream job. 

But most of all? I want to help you find your true self. 

I’ve got a deal for you…I’ll give you resources and tell you precisely what you need to do to fully recover. All you have to do is follow the simple steps I lay out. Sound fair?

If you do that, no matter how long it takes you, I promise you will make a full recovery faster than you ever imagined was possible.

Are you ready to take my hand and step forward into a brighter future?

If so, keep reading and you’ll learn how to leave your past where it belongs…in the past.

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We’re in this together :)

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The Only 3 Things You Need To Overcome PTSD For Good

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number 1

A System To Master Your Mind

With the wrong mindset, nothing is possible. With the right one, anything is. We’ve engineered a new way to program your mind that makes the impossible, possible. We hand you a systematic and proven way to master your mindset in record time.

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A Process To Consistently Heal

In order to make long-term change, you need to learn how to break the destructive cycles of PTSD. We’ve formulated a powerful process that shatters plateaus and ends relapses for good. With this, say goodbye to the waves of emotion that spiral you out of control.

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A Way To Eliminate Symptoms Permanently

Recovery is impossible unless you fully process the root of your trauma(s). We developed 4 hyper-targeted processing tools that eliminate flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares, & more. After using these tools you’ll be calm, confident, & sleeping through the night every night.

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Learn more with

The Broken To Unbreakable™ Recovery Program

The revolutionary online trauma recovery program helping people around the world fully recover in as little as 12 weeks.
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With Broken To Unbreakable™ you will…
  • ​Transform anxiety into confidence
  • Regain hope and motivation
  • Eliminate flashbacks and nightmares
  • ​Process past memories
  • ​Repair broken relationships
  • ​Overcome PTSD for good
Explore Broken To Unbreakable™
In 98 days our clients see on average…


Reduction in their PTSD Symptoms


Reduction in their overall distress level


Countries reached and supported


5 star rating
The average rating from 462 Members

Stories of Recovery

Thousands of people around the world have used Broken to Unbreakable to fully recover from PTSD & regain control of their life for good.

“I sleep through the night, I don’t have any nightmares or ptsd symptoms…and I am the happiest I have been!”

nicole a.

"I have tried literally every medication and therapy which none has worked. In one month in this program I am improving."

tanya p.

“A couple of weeks ago I finally said it. I told myself and believed in it 100% - “I don’t have PTSD anymore.””

Jennifer R.
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Video lessons, workbooks, recovery routines, and more. All the information you need to start healing today.
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About Us

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I’m Kayleen!

(That’s a photo of my partner Brad and me!)

We’re trauma recovery coaches who are on a mission to heal the world's past so they can love their present and build an extraordinary future.

If you’re suffering from past trauma, you’re definitely in the right place : )

We know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you can heal no matter what you’ve been through or how long you’ve suffered.

How? Because we’ve been there.

We’ve not only recovered from CPTSD ourselves but have proven our process with thousands of people around the world.

You deserve a life of peace, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you get it.

I hope you take advantage of our free training as well as the free resources on this site, they will change your life if you let them. And if you’re ever doubting your own recovery, just know that we believe in you 1,000%!

You’ve got this,

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