10 Undeniable Reasons Why You Think PTSD Recovery Is Impossible

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10 Undeniable Reasons Why You Think PTSD Recovery Is Impossible

Do you think you can make a full recovery from PTSD?

With no symptoms or relapses whatsoever?

If you don’t, keep reading…your life will never be the same.

It’s not your fault that you think PTSD recovery is impossible.

In some ways the world is against you.

Pushing you to think that you have to suffer with PTSD for the rest of your life.

I’m here to challenge you and the way you think about your PTSD recovery.

Because if you can’t believe in yourself, you’ll never recover.

You’ll never put in the necessary work, or push through enough pain to get to the other side and win.

I didn’t used to believe that I could recover from my 15 years of PTSD…

I thought it was impossible to fully heal my horrifying night terrors and vivid flashbacks that would happen 24/7.

Since I thought it was impossible, it was impossible…until I changed my thinking.

And that’s exactly what my goal is for you today, to shift your thinking so you can finally start recovering today.

Let’s get started!

1 – Cultural norms support suppressing your emotions

Most of us are brought up and told that expressing our emotions is wrong.

That crying and feeling sad are weaknesses…

And that strong people never cry, never feel sad, and never feel emotions.

This causes you to suppress your emotions, and bottle them up.

When you hold in your emotions the pressure builds and builds and builds.

Until they all burst out in the worst imaginable ways…

You lash out at a family member, you hate yourself, feel depressed, and on and on.

All this stems from suppressing and pushing down your emotions…

Has suppressing your emotions become a habit for you?

Maybe you think it’s’ a weakness to show emotions…

But I’m here to tell you that it’s the exact opposite.

It’s a strength.

If you’re surrounded with people who believe that expressing emotions is a weakness, then it’s really hard to go against them and do the exact opposite…right?

That’s a really hard thing to do…to go against what others believe.

And that requires a lot of strength.

It’s easy to go with the flow and just accept other people’s beliefs.

It’s extremely difficult to break out and go against the grain…

This is a huge, if not the #1, reason why people believe recovering from PTSD is impossible.

Because they are taught and told to suppress their emotions…

To just push it down and hope it goes away.

Learning how to express your emotions in a way that heals you is vital for recovery.

No, it’s not about crying all the time, or being sad 24/7…

It’s about processing what you went through and then leaving it in the past where it belongs.

When you know the right way to do this, you become extremely powerful.

And, stronger than you could ever imagine.

2 – You’re too identified with your PTSD

The second reason why you think PTSD recovery is impossible is because you’re too identified with your mental illness.

When you’re too identified with your mental illness, you become your mental illness.

It becomes part of who you are.

You believe that you’re the person with all the “problems”.

That your life will never get better, and that you’re destined to have a life filled with pain, suffering, and PTSD for eternity.

If you’re suffering with thoughts like this, check out this article, it will change your life!

When you have these thoughts you believe that PTSD has broken you.

It’s something that almost every single person with PTSD suffers with.

And in order to overcome this, you’re going to have to transform into a completely new person.

Someone who can recover from PTSD and live the life of your dreams.

3 – It’s freaking hard.

PTSD will beat the crap out of you, and just keep wailing away.

Right when you think things are getting better you get a big ‘ole smackdown and it kicks you in the gut…hard.

And if you don’t know the right way to heal and move past these moments you can find yourself worn down…

You eventually just give up and resign yourself to accepting your life with PTSD as your “new normal”.

PTSD is freaking hard, and fully recovering from it was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.

But it was the most worthwhile thing I ever did.

Never give up.

4 – It’s a “new” thing

PTSD wasn’t always called PTSD.

And although humans have been getting “PTSD” since the dawn of time, we haven’t recognised it as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder until the 80’s.

This means that everything is a relatively new field of study.

Since “PTSD” is a relatively new idea, a lot of old antiquated beliefs like “PTSD recovery is impossible” are still widely accepted.

It’s time to move away from the old-world view of things…

Hundreds of thousands of people have made full recovery.

It’s time to drop those beliefs.

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5 – You hang around other people who haven’t recovered and believe it’s impossible

Are you setting yourself up to have PTSD for the rest of your life?

Believe it or not, most people are…

Let me explain.

The natural thing for people to do when they have PTSD is to find other people who have it too.

This way they can connect and relate with one another about their current feelings.

However, this can be extremely dangerous…

If you start taking notice, most people who have PTSD don’t actually believe that they can recover from it.

They think it’s something they have to cope with forever.

Nearly all of the facebook groups online are extremely negative… (Except this one)

It’s pretty much just people complaining about how bad their life is…

They tell stories about how badly they were hurt, and then go into extreme detail about how their life is completely ruined.

This kind of environment is perfect…if you have the goal of never recovering from PTSD.

Input your brain with information like this everyday, and I can guarantee that you’re not going to recover.

Because all you are doing is strengthening the belief that you can’t recover and that PTSD is an impossibly powerful force to overcome.

It’s not…if you know the right path.

Ruthlessly eliminate negative people like this from your life, and you’ll feel a sense of freedom, clarity, and hope…maybe for the first time in your life.

6 – “Professionals” tell you it’s impossible

Doctors, therapists, and other so called experts on PTSD are telling you it’s impossible to recover from PTSD.

Maybe you’ve gone to every single therapy imagined and still haven’t recovered.

Or maybe you’ve gone to the doctor again and again, trying new medications each time…but still come up empty handed.

They say that you have to cope for the rest of your life…

That you might be able to find a little relief from your pain, but the PTSD will always be there.

Or maybe they will tell you that you have a particularly severe case of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), and tell you that you’re chances are even slimmer. (As in my case)

It’s honestly sickening how often this happens…

There are good doctors and therapists out there, but there are also a lot of bad ones.

I’m not saying to ignore sound medical and therapeutic advice…I’m saying you have to stand guard at your mind.

In order to fully recover from PTSD, you need to live off a strong internal compass.

Do you want to heal?

Then for god’s sake please believe in yourself.

Build that belief and never let anyone tell you otherwise…even if they are wearing a white lab coat.

7 – No one believes in you, or roots for you

If you’re anything like me, it felt nearly impossible to find someone in my life who would support and accept me.

I felt like everytime I opened up to someone I would just get crushed.

It took me a long time (15 years) to find someone who I could open up to and trust.

And if you can’t find someone to believe in you, to push you, and to root for you (especially yourself!)…Then it’s likely you hold the believe that recovering from PTSD is impossible.

8 – You beat yourself down to zero every time

If you’re constantly beating yourself up for every little “mistake”, or everything you do “wrong” you’ll go nowhere.

When you hate yourself, and don’t bring yourself compassion, you just keep perpetuating the downward spiral of pain in your life.

Even if you’re able to make a little progress in your recovery, you’ll just end up beating yourself right back down to zero.

Learn to forgive yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself for who you are right this second.

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9 – Information is inaccessible, complex and conflicting

When you go online, see a therapist, or visit a doctor, finding the right information seems impossible.

There are hundreds of types of therapies, countless drugs doctors can shove down your throat, and thousands of blogs online written by people who have never fully recovered from PTSD.

When I was recovering from my own PTSD I ran into this problem time and time again…

I would open a book to learn more, but it would just give me all the scientific reasons and studies behind why I had PTSD…

It never gave me any practical advice!

99.99% of the information out there is so not helpful and complex.

There aren’t many books that give you step by step guidance to actually get some relief.

On top of that the information is conflicting!

This is one of the major problems with the mental health industry right now.

And it’s my goal to solve this problem, to simplify the recovery process, and give you the exact steps to heal your PTSD in the fastest way imaginable.

10 – No one provides you with a roadmap to full recovery

When I went to therapy I was taught a breathing exercise, and then we’d talk for 45 minutes.

It was helpful…kind of… but it didn’t heal me.

I’d sort of feel a little better after each session, but there weren’t any big leaps forward.

I would leave feeling just as broken as I did when I got there.

Do you feel like this too?

I’d ask questions about what I should be doing to heal…but I didn’t get any concrete answers.

It seemed like no one knew what to do…

Therapist after therapist, doctor after doctor, couldn’t give me a clear path to healing.

I was shocked to say the least.

After a while I realized that I had to go out on my own if I wanted to get any real results.

So I dedicated myself 100,000% to finding the right path to heal…

It took me years and years of unnecessary pain and suffering…but I found it.

I finally found the right path to heal my 17 years of flashbacks, night terrors, anxiety…everything.

Then I distilled and crystalized what I did, and turned it into an easy to follow step by step process that anyone in the world could follow.

I started teaching it to other people, and they started to heal…much faster than I ever did.

What took me years, took others weeks.

It was like I unlocked an unbelievable secret or something…

People, just like you, who suffered for 20+ years of trauma were recovering from their night terrors in just mere weeks.

Want to learn how they did it?

Click here to learn the simple step-by-step process right now.

I’m living a life that doctors, therapists, and other professionals said was impossible….

I have

  • I have zero flashbacks
  • I have zero night terrors
  • I have zero anxiety
  • I saved my broken relationship with the love of my life

I am living an impossible life, and so can you.

You can defy all the naysayers and non-believers…

You can transcend all disbelief and become someone truly unbreakable.

I believe in you, maybe I’m the only one, but I do.

Because I know how broken people can get…and I know how they can be fixed.

Are you ready alter the course of your life forever?

If so, click here and you’re life will never be the same.

See you on the other side!

To your recovery!



Don’t believe what I’m telling you?

That’s okay, I probably wouldn’t either if I were in your shoes…

So let me prove it to you…

I’m going to share with you a story about Jenny Fernades…

She had been traumatized for over 2 decades…

And I helped her heal her self harm, night terrors, and more in just 4 weeks.

Yes, 4 weeks.

Don’t believe me?

Watch her full testimonial here.


When you’re done watching Jenny’s testimonial, click here and signup for my free PTSD recovery training so you can make the same transformation that Jenny did.

See you there!

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