4 Real-Life Lessons About PTSD Recovery

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4 Real-Life Lessons About PTSD Recovery

I learned a thing or two from fully recovering from my 17 years of PTSD.

From it I learned 4 key lessons that will save you years of pain…

These lessons allowed me not just to push through my pain, but eliminate every symptom I had for good.

Now, these lessons about PTSD took me years of pain and suffering to learn…

It’s obvious to say I did things the hard way.

But, you don’t have to…

I want to give you the shortcut, and really help you make some giant progress in your own PTSD recovery.

So without further ado, let’s dive on in!

Lesson 1: You have to play hurt

PTSD hurts right?

Yes, it does.

With PTSD everyday feels like you’re climbing Mount Everest with no guide, 100 mile an hour gusts, and no climbing gear…

It’s painful, and it seems like it will last forever.

But here’s the first lesson about PTSD…

You have to learn how to play hurt.

Things will never be perfect.

Literally, you will never ever EVER have a perfect day.

Some days will be better than others, but you’ll always have bad days…

And on those days you can’t just roll over and let PTSD win…

You have to get up, push forward, advance, conquer, and play hurt.

I woke up hurt every day of my recovery…

Every single morning of my PTSD recovery I would wake up in terror with my heart beating out of my chest.

My mind would be uncontrollably racing through the worst imaginable thoughts.

I felt like giving up.

And for most of my life that’s exactly I did.

For the majority of my life I let my PTSD win and get the better of me…

I was a prisoner to the pain.

For days, weeks, and sometimes months, I wouldn’t leave my bedroom…

I let the fear and pain rule me.

And I felt completely and utterly powerless over everything in my life…

Things didn’t turn around until I realized this…

That you have to play hurt.

There is no other option.

I had two choices…I could either let the pain control me, or I could get up despite the pain, despite the fear, and do my best to live my life.

Things didn’t change overnight, but they started to get better.

When I started playing the “game of life” hurt, I started to make a little progress…

I gained more and more control over my life, my pain, and my PTSD.

You always have those two options…

To give into the pain, or to play hurt…

What will happen if you don’t play hurt?

You’ll get exactly what I got 15 years of my life.


Zero progress.

Loss of all hope.

It’s vital that you play hurt, because you’ll always be hurting along your healing journey.

You’re hurt right now, and if you don’t play hurt you won’t even get the chance to heal.

So, become the master of your life, and take back control.

Play hard, and play hurt… because it’s really your only option.

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Lesson 2: Beating yourself up just makes things worse

The next lesson about PTSD is something 99.9% of people do wrong.

They beat themselves up.

I did it, and every one of my clients have done it too.

This lesson was one of the most important ones I ever learned.

Here’s why…

Beating yourself up is a sure-fire way to ensure you make absolutely zero progress.

Want to know the perfect formula to ensure that you suffer your entire life with PTSD?

It’s beating yourself up, hating yourself, and just being an all around nasty to yourself.

Know why that is?

Because beating yourself up causes you to take steps backwards.

Here’s what most people do…

They make a little progress in their recovery, but then they hit the inevitable wall, or make an inevitable mistake…

Then then beat themselves up for making those inevitable mistakes.

So they take 1 step forward and 1 step back…

And it gets particularly painful when you take 10 or 100 steps forward, and 10 or 100 steps back.

This backward movement is 100% due to you beating yourself up.

It’s inevitable that you will run into roadblocks, make mistakes, and FAIL!

That’s your reality, and you need to learn how to love yourself through the process.

Once you stop fighting yourself and hurting yourself you’ll find that healing becomes a heck of a lot easier…

Bring yourself love and acceptance, because you deserve it

You’ve been through hell.

Appreciate that for a second…really think about it.

You’re beating yourself up because you’ve been hurt.

It honestly doesn’t make any sense when you think about it, right?

Why would you beat someone up just because they got hurt?

Would you beat someone else up if they went through the same thing you did?

Always keep things in perspective.

This is vital.

Whenever you become aware of yourself beating yourself up just think of this…

Ask yourself this question…

If a loved one went through exactly what you went through, and were experiencing exactly what you are experiencing, would you tell them what you’re telling yourself?

Of course not!

Always stand guard of your mind, and when you become aware of hateful, or negative thoughts towards yourself, just ask this question.

Lesson 3: Accept your current reality

The third lesson I learned about PTSD is…

You have to start where you are, and that you can’t start anywhere else…


You can only start your journey from where you are right now.

The present moment, right now, is your current reality.

And you can either do one of two things…

Here are your 2 choices…

  1. You can accept reality
  2. Or you can fight reality

You VS Reality…

Who do you think will win that fight?

Guess what?

…Reality always wins.

I learned to accept reality, and to accept me as I am.

That I had to start healing in my present state.

I had to deal and solve all my current problems.

That was my reality, right?

I learned to accept my current reality.

And when you actually do this, things calm down.

You’re able to think more clearly, and actually come up with solutions to how you’re feeling.

Accept reality, and start where you are.

And if you don’t want to, you always have the choice fight reality.

But…let me know how that fight goes!

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Lesson 4: Keep showing up and never stop

The fourth lesson I learned about PTSD is that 90% of success is showing up.

This is a fact of life.

This goes hand in hand with you having to play hurt.

You have to show up!

Action is the only thing that matters when it comes to PTSD recovery.

Most people don’t show up…

That’s why most people don’t see any results.

How many people with PTSD are healing, making progress, and crushing their goals?

Not many.

Because not many people consistently show up, again and again.

Most people try to show up, but then hit an obstacle, stop, and give up altogether.

And what happens when they stop showing up?

They revert back to zero.

I can literally map out every step of your recovery journey…

And I can guarantee one thing…

That you will hit obstacles.

These obstacles can stop you, or you can push through, keep showing up, and win.

They can break you, or teach you a lesson.

But, if you stop showing up, you’ll never put in enough effort to overcome these obstacles and win.

Show up, and never stop showing up.

Knowing the roadmap makes healing a heck of a lot easier.

It’s hard to show up just to get knocked back down to zero, right?

If this is happening to you it’s because you’re doing something wrong.

When you know the right process to heal you never get knocked down to zero.

You’ll hit the inevitable bumps in the road, but you still push forward.

I used to hit roadblock after roadblock in my recovery…

And I didn’t overcome my roadblocks until I learned a new way around them.

It took me years of pain to find paths around my roadblocks.

But, it doesn’t have to take you that long…

Want to learn an easier way?

Click here to get the roadmap and learn how to avoid the roadblocks.

Are you tired of starting over at zero?

If you feel stuck in a cycle of despair, then you need a new plan.

The plan you have right now isn’t working…

That’s reality…you can either fight it, or accept it.

But here’s the good news…

There is a way to heal…and for good.

There’s a way to eliminate your anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and the on edge feeling forever.

Want to learn a new way of doing things?

One that will get you tangible results 10, 100, or even 1,000 times faster than you’re moving right now?

Then this is for YOU.

Click here to quickly heal your PTSD and regain control of your life for good.

See you there.

To your recovery!



If you’re still reading, you know your current plan for recovery isn’t working.

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