4 Toxic PTSD Mistakes — Which Ones Do YOU Make?

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4 Toxic PTSD Mistakes — Which Ones Do YOU Make?

After personally recovering and helping countless others recover from PTSD, I learned a really valuable lesson…

Success in recovery is just as much what NOT to do, and it is what to do.

Most of what I’m about to tell you are unconscious patterns…patterns that have devastating effects.

If you don’t become aware of what you need to avoid, you’ll continue to feel stuck in a whirlwind of emotions that you can’t control.

So here are 4 things that you DON’T want to do when you have PTSD…

1 – Don’t Beat Yourself Up

I used to think I was crazy, messed up, and that person with “all the problems”.

Partially because I was brought up to be “strong”.

I was told that crying and emotions are weaknesses.

I used to think that strong people never showed emotions.

When you believe things like this you hold back all your feelings and emotions.

You push them down further and further until they explode out and damage every area of your life…

And worse…

They cause us to beat ourselves up, think that we’re failures, and ultimately hate ourselves.

It took me a long time and a lot of pain to realize that this was a faulty and extreme view of looking at things.

You have to learn how to love yourself again.

Take a quick step back right from your life right now and look at your thoughts from a different perspective.

Ask yourself right now…

If someone you loved went through exactly what you went through, and was feeling exactly what you were feeling…

What would you say to them?

How would you treat them?

Would you tell them what you’re telling yourself right now?

I doubt it.

It’s time to take a new perspective on your life and what you’ve been through.

Beating yourself up is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

The problem is that most people aren’t even aware when they are doing it.

You need to start becoming more aware of your thoughts.

A great way to start is by utilizing mindfulness and meditation.

Two guides to help you become aware of negative cycles…

  1. Mindfulness training
  2. Meditation guide

When you start to build the awareness around your thoughts and emotions, you can then start to bring in more compassion, love, and acceptance to yourself and your situation.

You’ve been through hell…give yourself a break.

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2 – Avoid Substances

What’s your first reaction to depression, nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, or panic attacks?

For many it’s the use of substances to numb the pain…

Now by substances I mean drugs and alcohol, but it could also be things like food…

Anything that numbs you, and pulls you “out” of your life.

Essentially anything that saps your consciousness and awareness so you don’t have to feel the pain.

It seems like a solid plan when you’re experiencing all the pain…but it quickly backfires.

Because numbing actually provokes and perpetuates the pain.

Let me explain…

My gut reaction to flashbacks and nightmares used to be to grab the closest bottle of alcohol…

Beer, rum, apple flavored Crown Royal (bad experiences there)… it didn’t matter.

I could feel the anxiety and flashback coming on and I would instinctively reach for something to drink.

I would drink and drink and drink in hopes it would drown my pain…

And guess what would happen?

I lost more and more control of my mind.

Flashbacks intensified.

Things got worse…at least until I blacked out of exhaustion, pain, or from all the alcohol.

Not only did things get worse, it also ensured that I never actually faced my fears…

These numbing behaviours ensured that I never actually DID anything to help myself…

I just kept running from it…

And the cycle would continue.

Pain → Drink → More Pain → Drink → etc.

But, here’s the worst part…

I knew that drinking made my flashbacks worse, but I still did it.

Why would I keep doing something like this over and over again?

One word…fear.

I was too scared to face my past and my flashbacks…

Moreover, I had NO idea how to solve them.

Drinking seemed like my only solution at the time…it was the only thing I really knew how to do.

So, here’s what I have to tell you.

If you’re in a never-ending cycle of pain and substance abuse to numb everything, I get it.

It’s not your fault.

You need a new path, and a new solution to things.

What you’re doing right now is only perpetuating the pain that you’re feeling.

But there is hope, I’m here to help and show you how to stop the cycle for good.

You need a strategy to heal the pain and stop the fear for good.

Once you stop the fear and know how to heal, the cycle of substance abuse ends.

If you’re interested in learning how to stop the cycle then click here to learn how I was able to stop for good.

I haven’t a single drop of alcohol in years, and it’s been one of the best things I ever did in my life.

3 – Avoid Negative Inputs

Another common mistake people make is putting themselves in front of negative inputs.

The world practically runs on negativity.

News stations make money for by enticing viewers to watch their shows.

And what are humans instinctively and viscerally drawn to?


So they spout one negative story after another to get viewers.

And people flock to it.

And then they spread the negative news to their friends and family, and gossip about it.

Negativity truly is a mind virus.

Remember this…

Negativity feeds and breeds negativity.

Maybe I’m going out on a limb right now, but your mind right now is  probably full of negative thoughts…right?

And all that internal negativity just breeds more and more negativity.

It causes you to look at everything in life through a dirty negative lense.

Suddenly everything you see looks bad, even if it isn’t…

And, you instinctively seek more of it.

This is another cause for downward cycles and meltdowns

The sad truth is that most people never catch it.

They keep putting themselves in harm way.

So let me ask you this right now…

What are you putting yourself in front of that makes you feel worse?

  • What people?
  • What TV shows?
  • What food?
  • What environments?
  • What music?

You need to start becoming hyper-aware of how things are affecting you.

Cut out the bad, and intentionally add the good.

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4 – Avoid Apathy

That last thing you need to avoid when you have PTSD is apathy.

Apathy just means doing nothing.

It’s when you don’t feel like doing anything, so that’s exactly what you do…nothing.

And it’s anothing thing that will endlessly cycle you down further and further until you hit rock bottom.

And I know…I get it.

You don’t feel like doing anything.

But, here’s the deal…

You’re not going to feel like doing something, until you start doing something.

Read that again.

You’re not going to feel motivated until you start taking some action.

Action breeds motivation.

You don’t wait to be motivated to take action…

You take action to get motivated.

Do anything!

Don’t feel like doing anything right now?

Too bad…start small and do something.

Clean ONE dish in your sink.

Then clean ONE more.

Each small task you complete gives you momentum.

And when you start to build your momentum you become unstoppable.

Remember that momentum needs to be built every single day, so answer this question…

How can you ensure that you take action and build up momentum every single day?

Answer that question, make a plan, and implement it.

It will change your life.

All is not lost

Maybe you’re like I was and you read these 4 things and are like…

“Yup, that’s exactly me…I’m doing every one of these things.”

That’s GOOD!

That’s awesome news, you know why?

Because now you are aware of what needs to be fixed.

Awareness of the problem is always the first step to fixing the problem.

Really look back over these 4 things and ask yourself how you can create a plan to overcome them for good.

Here they are again:

  1. Don’t beat yourself up
  2. Avoid substances
  3. Avoid negative inputs
  4. Avoid apathy

How can you stop doing all these things?

Create plans, and contingency plans for each one of these.

Literally write them down right now.

Because these 4 things have the power to completely derail your entire recovery.

These are the reasons why people feel stuck in a cycle of doom and gloom.

And why people keep lashing out at their loved ones.

And why you’re cycled down to rock bottom.

These have to be taken very seriously.

Did you find everything in this article helpful?

Do you feel as though you are stuck in this endless downward spiral?

That you’re in a whirlwind of uncontrollable emotions that cannot be stopped?

And feel like you’ll be like this forever?

If you do I want to invite you to my free PTSD recovery training…

It will give you hope.

Hope for a future that allows you to lay down at night and actually sleep…

Hope for a future that allows you to reconnect with the ones you love most…

Make today a turning point.

Stand up, fight back, and win!

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In the webinar you’ll Learn…

  • A “behind the scenes” look into my full recovery story, of how I was able to go through hell and not only become completely symptom free, but save my relationship.

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  • How you can face your past even if you are terrified of it… Looking at the past is extremely difficult, but if you never learn how to face it you’ll never progress.

  • How to stop PTSD from controlling every area of your life… If you’re not proactive about recovery PTSD will infect everything. I’m going to show you how to prevent this so you can actually start feeling in control again.

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See you there 🙂

To your recovery!

– Kayleen


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