6 Reasons Why PTSD Is Actually Good For You

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6 Reasons Why PTSD Is Actually Good For You

Here’s the truth about PTSD…it gets better!

Looking back on my recovery, I now see PTSD as a gift.

Yes, PTSD can feel like hell on earth…but there are so many life altering benefits to it as well.

But, it’s likely that you only see the negative sides of PTSD.

So my goal today is to shift your focus to the positive effects of PTSD…the gifts that you’re rewarded with.

When you go through hell and come out the otherside you become strong, resilient, more powerful than you ever would have been otherwise.

You get this unstoppable inner drive and strength that is only possible from going through extreme hardships.

Take a moment with me today and let all the negative thoughts leave your mind…right now let’s focus on some of the good things PTSD has to offer you.

Ready to hear them?

1 – The hardest things give the greatest rewards

The most difficult things in life give you the biggest rewards.

When you work out, push yourself day in and day out for months and years you are rewarded with incredible energy, fitness, health, and focus.

You get rewarded with more money, prestige, and promotions…only when you do the things no one else wants to do in business and work

When you force yourself to sit down and learn the piano for hours a day, you are rewarded with the joy of music and the clarity and focus that playing instruments give you.

And when you put in the work to overcome PTSD, you are rewarded with peace, calm, powerful awareness, resilience, happiness, and fulfillment…and they come in unlimited amounts.

Challenges give us opportunities to grow.

Always remember that you do not have problems, you have opportunities to grow.

We all face challenges in our everyday life, it’s our choice whether or not we want to do the hard things to get the rewards.

Learn to love the hardship, the struggle, and the process of healing.

The hard things in life are the way to everything you ever wanted.

Love the challenges, problems, and hardship…because they will give you everything you want.

2 – You build a masterful sense of awareness

Recovering from PTSD requires growth in a lot of areas, but one of the biggest is in your awareness.

When healing you develop a “next level” awareness.

Awareness is essential, because most of us are blind to our problems.

We run away from them, or don’t even know they exist.

Many times we have subconscious processes running in the background of our mind that ruin our life.

And if you cannot become aware of these background processes you’ll never be able to fix them.

You can’t fix a problem that you don’t know exists.

And when you achieve this “next level” awareness you’re able to transcend everyday problems.

Things that bother, affect, and stress out normal people just don’t bother you anymore.

Once you get to this next level, stressful situations just fall away, and a tranquil sense of calm washes over you.

This next level sense of awareness is a massive gift that PTSD gives you.

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3 – You gain an unstoppable confidence

When you heal your PTSD you’ve accomplished one of the hardest things in the world.

You feel on top of the world and believe that you can do absolutely anything.

You ask life for whatever you want, and you actually get it.

When I had PTSD I would struggle to stand up for what I wanted in life…

I just went with the flow, never stood up for myself, and would act like a doormat in every area of my life.

People never respected me because I never respected myself.

As I recovered, healed, and faced my past the respect for myself grew and grew.

That was a huge gift PTSD gave to me, an increased confidence in myself and my abilities.

You discover that you can do absolutely anything.

4 – You love, accept, and appreciate yourself on a whole new level

One of the first steps in healing is bringing love and acceptance to yourself.

It’s essential to learn how to love and accept yourself…to be your own best friend and biggest supporter.

Because when you’re hating on yourself, you’re just breaking yourself down and making things 1,000X harder.

I used to hate myself, my life, and everything in it.

But, things didn’t get better until I started loving and appreciating myself again…it wasn’t an overnight shift, but in time I was able to grow that inner strength and love.

Now I’m my #1 support, fan, and friend.

It’s a feeling and gift that I wouldn’t have had unless I had PTSD.

And having this sense of calm love and acceptance is incredible.

5 – You build stronger and more loving relationships

It’s extremely hard when you’re first starting your recovery journey with your friends and loved ones.

Things are always tense. You might be constantly lashing out, and things feel on the brink of destruction at all times.

But, when you are able to work your way through the destruction, through the pain, and through all the hard conversations your relationships get stronger than ever before.

This is because you are forced to dive deeper within one another.

It becomes a necessity to truly understand and sympathize with both sides and come to love and understand every party.

Bad relationships fall away, and you’re left with the relationships that leave you the most fulfilled.

I never would have developed such deep connections with my boyfriend or my friends had it not been for PTSD.

And this has been one of the greatest gifts PTSD (and life) has ever given me…the gift of true love and connection.

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6 – You can do anything

When you defeat PTSD you just feel like you can do anything…

You’ve just beat one of the hardest things in the world, and that opens up all the doors that you thought were previously closed.

Here’s what happened to me…

When I fully recovered I realized that I just shattered one of the strongest beliefs in the mental health industry…that full recovery from PTSD is impossible.

I just overcame the impossible!

Doing that expanded my mind…so I thought, what else can I do?

I started to dream bigger.

Now my goal wasn’t just to recover from PTSD…it was to achieve my dreams…

All the things that people told me were impossible…

Starting a successful business, helping millions of people suffering with PTSD, having my dream body, my dream house, and my dream life.

It was all so exciting, and it all seemed possible for the first time in my life.

When you overcome something so difficult, something that is supposed to be “impossible”, everything becomes possible.

You stop limiting yourself, and start living and striving towards your full potential…

And this is when life gets really fun…

You stop caring about what other people think…you start living life on your terms.

You feel happy, fulfilled, and love waking up everyday.

Yes you’re still working your tail off, but you start to make tangible progress towards your big dreams.

In essence, you get your life back.

And not just an ordinary “normal” life, but an extraordinary one.

Are you like me and don’t just want an ordinary life, but an exceptional, fun, and exciting one?

Well the first step is doing the hard things right now.

Because as you know, the hardest things give you the greatest rewards.

Your sole focus in life right now needs to be healing your PTSD.

Because once you fully heal, you get all these gifts I told you about today…

You get to live a life that you truly love.

And you actually get to be happy again.

But it doesn’t have to take years to do this.

You can make “impossible” changes in just weeks.

If you follow the right path, what took me years will take you mere weeks.

I’ve helped clients eliminate their nightmares, depression, self harm, and more in just a few weeks.

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