9 Things NOT To Do When You Have PTSD

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9 Things NOT To Do When You Have PTSD

I’m going to share with you what NOT to do when you have PTSD…

I usually give great advice on how to to fully recover from PTSD.

But today, I’m doing something different…

These are things that make you to feel stuck, hopeless, and may even be the reason why you give up all together.

I’ve done every single one of these 9 things, and know first hand that they make recovery a LOT harder.

Healing PTSD becomes a lot easier once you stop digging deeper and deeper holes.

So, here are the 9 things NOT to do when you have PTSD.

1 – Put yourself in situations that trigger your PTSD

The first thing you should NOT do when you have PTSD is put yourself in situations that trigger you.

Most people who are suffering with PTSD don’t have a clear idea about what triggers them.

Yes, it’s likely that you know the extreme triggers in your life…but it’s likely that you’re not aware of all the little triggers that leave you stressed and exhausted at the end of the day.

This is because they can be disguised as something “good”.

Things like movies, hanging out with certain people, or going to a fun even can be triggers.

But a lot of people either ignore them, or think they are good because they are disguised as something good and fun.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to isolate yourself and hide away so you never get triggered.

I’m saying that you need to become more aware of how things affect you…

Are you putting yourself in harms way when it can be avoided?

Because if you’re constantly on this seesaw of being triggered than it can make it extremely hard to make consistent progress in healing.

So avoid as many triggers as possible, and know how to relieve the triggers when they do come up!

2 – Push all your emotions down

The second thing you should NOT do when you have PTSD is push your emotions down.

This used to be my gut reaction whenever I felt the wild emotions of PTSD.

I would try to ignore the emotions, and I’d push them down attempting to not feel them at all.

I basically just pretended that they didn’t exist.

But, here’s the thing…

You think you’re distancing yourself from the pain, but all you’re doing is building it up…

It just builds and grows inside of your until you’re bursting at the seams.

The tension and pressure gets so high that your emotions explode out.

So you lash out, break down crying, have a panic attack, or go into a deep depression and believe all is lost.

When you do this your emotions are never properly dealt with, so they build and come back with a vengeance.

In order to eliminate these explosive emotions you need to face the dark side, the pain, and heal the core hurt part of yourself.

3 – Let time heal your PTSD

The third thing NOT to do is to let time heal your PTSD.

Know why?

Because it doesn’t make things better, it makes thing worse…much worse.

Most people try to convince themselves that they just need some time to relax, to take it easy, and everything will be okay.

But then people end up saying that for their entire lives.

They believe one of the biggest myths about PTSD recovery, and it costs them everything.

It’s not your fault.

I believed this lie for over 15 years and it nearly cost me everything I loved.

What you need is action, you need to start taking steps forward so you can heal your PTSD once and for all.

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4 – Swap “horror stories” with other people

The fourth thing NOT to do when you have PTSD is to swap PTSD horror stories.

The entire mental health industry tells you that it’s a good thing to share your story in gruesome detail.

You see this all the time online…

Maybe you’re in a facebook group or online forum and all you see is people complaining about how bad their life is, and how bad their trauma was.

Is there a time and a place to process your story and even share it?


However, most of the time people go way too far…

People are just tearing open old wounds, and spreading negativity and hopelessness…

When you do this your traumatic story become your greatest weakness, and your greatest blocker to full recovery.

Your story becomes your identity…

You become the “broken person with all the problems”.

It’s not healing when you’re constantly ripping open the past, it’s extremely painful, and extremely dangerous.

Because if you develop an identity around your PTSD, you will become that person that never recovers.

5 – Surround yourself with negative people and inputs

The fifth, and probably the most life altering thing to NOT do is to surround yourself with negative people and inputs.

If you’re surrounded by people who are complaining about how bad their life is, how hard their trauma was, and just keep telling you all the horrible things in life guess what will happen?

You’ll start to think that way too…

Your mind will start to automatically focus on the worst things in life.

Here’s the deal…

You have PTSD…your mind is negative enough…

You have enough negativity in your life that needs to be healed, so don’t add to the problem by surrounding yourself with negative people.

Cut out the bad and input the good.

If you actually apply this lesson to your life and your recovery you will see changes you never thought were possible.

What negative things do you need to cut out?

What positive things do you need to intentionally add?

Ruthlessly cut out the bad, input the good…it will change your life.

6 – Numb your pain with substances

The sixth thing you should NOT do when you have PTSD is numb your pain away with substances or other negative inputs.

When we feel pain in life most of our first reactions is to run towards something that will numb the pain.

For me this was alcohol…

I would feel nightmares or flashbacks coming on and I would instinctively reach for a drink.

This caused me to have a major drinking problem at a very young age.

Here’s where it gets interesting though…

If I was honest with myself I knew that drinking wasn’t good for me…

Not just because people said drinking was bad, but it actually made my anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks much worse.

When I drank I would lose even more control of my mind, and the pain intensified to a whole new level.

But, then you ask…why did you keep drinking?

Well, it was because I felt like I had no other option.

I didn’t have any other path at the time.

If you’re in the same boat that I was so many years ago, I want to let you know that this cycle you’re in is not your fault.

You just need a better path…

A path to heal and eliminate these symptoms for good so you don’t have to numb it all away.

If you’re interested in learning another way click here and I’ll show you how I was able to put an end to the cycle for good.

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7 – Beat yourself up for being a “failure”

The seventh thing to NOT do when you have PTSD is to beat yourself up for being a “failure” at life.

When you have PTSD everyday normal tasks can seem impossible.

Maybe you’ve lost your job (I’ve been there many times).

Or maybe you’re avoiding the entire world.

You might feel stuck, that you’re worthless, and that you can’t do anything right.

And you might be beating the living hell out of yourself because of it.

But, none of this is your fault.

I’ll say it again…none of this is your fault.

Yes, maybe you’re lashing out at the people you love and you can’t hold a job…but that’s not your fault.

You’ve been through something extremely hard, and it’s normal to be feeling the way that you feel right now.

You need to realize that these emotions and all this pain isn’t your fault.

Learn to love and accept yourself for who you are right now, and become aware of all the hardship you’ve been through.

You deserve love.

Would you beat up your loved one if they went through exactly what you did?

Of course not.

You don’t deserve that beating either.

9 – Ignore your pain and do nothing

The final thing that you should NOT do when you have PTSD is ignore your pain and do nothing.

PTSD will beat the living hell out of you over and over again…

But if you ignore it and do nothing about it, nothing will change.

You’ll continue to have these painful cycles over and over again for life.

If you don’t learn a way to heal your inner core and overcome PTSD everything in your life will suffer.

Your family, friends, health, career, everything…

When I ignored my PTSD for 15 years my life went to complete hell.

I lost the love of my life, I was overweight, I hated myself, and I wanted to end everything.

I was terminally hopeless…

All because I gave up…because I didn’t do anything to combat my PTSD.

It’s time for you to take action, to heal your past, and to stop living in this pain.

The only thing that will allow you to live a life free of PTSD, free of the past pain, is to stand up and do something about it.

I’m reaching out a hand to you right now to show you how to do it.

Will you take it?

I had PTSD for over 15 years. In under a month my life did a complete 180.

I went from being miserable, unambitious, stressed and wanting to kill myself to being excited, happy, calm and obsessed with creating my dream life.


With extreme focus on 3 key things.

Everyone told me that I was broken…

That PTSD was something I had to cope with and deal with for the rest of my life.

I am here to tell you that they are wrong.

You are not broken!

You see… The entire mental health industry is bombarding us with messages telling us to do a million and one things to cope and numb our pain.

But guess what?

This doesn’t work!

While others are going in circles trying to cope with 17 new techniques at once, I kept my focus on 3 key things and fully recovered from my PTSD…while everyone else was stuck experiencing the same nightmares and flashbacks over and over, I focused and recovered.

Want to know what these 3 key things are?

Over the past week I created a brand new training showing you *exactly* how I used these 3 key ideas to go from having 15+ years of daily nightmares and flashbacks, overwhelming anxiety, and no hope…to being fully calm and relaxed, with no relapses or symptoms whatsoever.

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I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and years of searching & experimenting to learn this process so I could share it with you in this training.

I want to give it to you now so you don’t have to suffer anymore than you have already.

I was tired of the flashbacks, I was done with the nightmares, and I was scared that I was pushing away and hurting the ones I loved most.

If you are tired of these symptoms too then this is for YOU

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