Bonnie's 10 Month Transformation

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Bonnie's 10 Month Transformation

On January 12th, 2021 at 1:42 PM something amazing happened...

After suffering with her PTSD for years, trying countless therapies and being on a cocktail of 11 mental health medications with no progress to show for it all...a woman named Bonnie decided something had to change

On that date at that exact time, Bonnie made a decision that would alter the course of her life forever.

She decided to take healing into her own hands and began coaching with us through our online PTSD recovery program. The result?

She fully recovered... in 10 months.

Watch the video above to hear how she did it.

Bonnie was able to go from:

  • Feeling like a zombie with no energy
  • Not spending time with her family
  • Nonstop physical anxiety and chest pain
  • Taking 11 medications for her mental health


  • Having the energy to pursue her hobbies
  • Spending and enjoying time with her family and laughing
  • No anxiety or chest pain
  • Taking ZERO mental health medications

and she was able to do all this in just over 10 months.

Bonnie is not superhuman though. She just worked her butt off, and followed the process.

That's something I know you can do too

You're not broken, you're not a lost cause, you CAN do this.

Hope you're as inspired as I've been by Bonnie,

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