The 3-Step Process To End PTSD Triggers For Good

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The 3-Step Process To End PTSD Triggers For Good

What to do when your PTSD is triggered?

PTSD anxiety, flashbacks, panic attacks, depression, and more can be triggered by internal and external events.

It can be extremely difficult to handle and deal with these triggers effectively…especially since most people aren’t even fully aware of what triggers their PTSD.

Some triggers are obvious, since they throw you into voids of uncontrollable flashbacks or panic attacks…

But, what about the more insidious ones?

The ones that cause your heart to race faster, or ones that make you jump and feel on edge for the rest of the day.

Today I’m going to teach you real-world practical steps you can take to recover faster from these triggers and even eliminate them for good.

These 3 steps are the exact steps I took throughout my own PTSD recovery.

If you don’t know me, I fully recovered from over 15 years of CPTSD and now help others make the same transformation. [Learn exactly how I did it here]

So, none of what I’m going to tell you is theory.

These are strategies that actually work in real world situations, and if you choose to take action on what I teach you today you’ll see incredible results and gain a newfound sense of control and peace.

So without further ado let’s dive on in!

STEP 1 – Regain Control Over Your Mind

What’s your first reaction when your PTSD is triggered?

For most people it’s to beat yourself up.

You start saying things in your head like…

I shouldn’t be feeling this way…”

“Why does this always happen to me…I’m so messed up…”

“My life sucks, and I hate everything…”

All these negative thoughts spiral inside of your head, which trigger your PTSD even more and cause your anxiety, fear, panic, and everything else to get much much worse.

And if you’re not aware of how your internal thoughts trigger your PTSD, you can quickly find yourself spiraling out of control.

So, what do you do when you become aware of these negative thoughts?

Accept that your PTSD is triggered and do your best to stay present.

The first thing you want to do when your PTSD is triggered is to do your best to stay present and accept that you are triggered.

Here’s the truth…

The reality at that moment is that your panicking, feeling wild amounts of anxiety, and filled with fear.

That’s your reality staring right back at you.

And you have two choices at this point.

One, you can complain, beat yourself up, and fight reality… (Hint: reality always wins)

Or two, you can accept reality, accept that this is how you feel in the moment, and do your best to regain control and calm yourself down. (We’ll talk about the exact techniques on how to do this later).

When you can accept your current reality as truth, and stop fighting it you have a better chance of grabbing hold of the present moment and making a change.

It gives you a slight moment of clarity where you can make a choice to change.

“Things are different, it’s all over now, I’m safe.”

You start gaining control when you can accept reality, and bring yourself into the present moment.

When you get that moment of clarity tell yourself this…

This is my reality, I’m triggered, but things are different now, it’s all over…I’m safe.”

Literally in your mind tell yourself this.

When your PTSD is triggered your mind and body go back to the traumatic event, and if feels like you are there again…

So it’s vital that you remind yourself over and over again that you are safe, that things are different, and it’s all over now.

If you continue to repeat these words in your mind you’ll start to gain control and your body and mind will realize that you’re not in the same situation that you were in before.

It will take time for you to build the habit of doing this, but it really helps bring peace, calm, and control into your life when your PTSD is triggered

Consciously shift your thoughts to positive thoughts

After you gain some control by accepting your current reality, and by telling yourself you’re safe…

Next you want to consciously shift your mind to positive thoughts.

The easiest and most effective way to do this is to start naming everything you’re grateful for in life.

And yes! You DO have something to be grateful for!

We’re all alive, breathing, on a rock floating in space with the perfect conditions for us to be alive at this moment…there’s never been a better time to be alive!

There is always something to be grateful for, and you have to force yourself to think of them in these moments…

Yes, you have to force yourself.

If you want to change you’re going to have to do things you don’t want to do, that just the reality.

So in these moments of negativity you are going to have to force in the positive.

Your mind will fight you, but you have to be strong, push back the darkness, and win.

Recap: How to regain control of your mind…

So the first step when your PTSD is triggered is to regain control of your mind.

The 3 steps to regaining control of your mind:

  1. Accept the reality that you are triggered and do your best to stay present.
  2. Repeat in your mind, “This is reality, I’m triggered, but things are different now, it’s all over…I’m safe.”
  3. Consciously shift your mind to positive thoughts by forcing yourself to name everything you’re grateful for

Do these 3 steps whenever your PTSD is triggered to regain control of your mind.

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STEP 2 – Calm Yourself Down With Effective Relief Tools

Once you’ve regained some control over your mind, which can happen in seconds or minutes, it’s time to calm yourself down with effective and proven relief tools.

There are only 3 tools you need, and I created a FREE video program to teach you exactly how to use them.

I’m not going to explain them here because the video training does a much better job.

So, to learn step 2 click here and access the free video program right now.

STEP 3 – Identify The Cause Of The Trigger

After you’ve regained control of your mind and calmed yourself down the next step is to reflect and identify the cause of the trigger.

Most people never reflect on what triggers them…

Therefore they never come up with a solution to their PTSD triggers.

They just get triggered over and over again…

Maybe they make a little progress in their recovery, but then they get triggered and get bashed back down to zero.

It’s this yo-yo game that causes most people to give up and feel completely hopeless.

They keep putting themselves in the same harmful situations that cause them to get hurt over and over again.

It can be painful to reflect back on what triggered you, but it’s essential in order to come up with a plan to overcome them for good.

If you don’t look at what triggered your PTSD then you’ll always be playing that yo-yo game and eventually you’ll lose steam and give up all together.

So, do you know exactly what triggers you?

And do you have a game plan to deal with all those situations?

If not, then let’s get to work!

Identify, eliminate, and create a game plan for all your triggers

Time to do some work.

Take out a piece of paper and put a vertical line down the middle to make 2 columns.

In the left column you’re going to write all your triggers, and in the right column you’re going to write how you can eliminate that trigger, or your game plan to deal with it when it comes up.

Now, before you do this I want to give you a little warning…

It’s obvious, but, when you look at your triggers you might feel anxious or triggered when you start writing these out…

If you do take a break and do one of the relief tools I taught you in step 2.

Once you’re calm come back to this exercise because it’s an essential step in recovery.

Remember that triggers can be subtle things…

You want to look for the big triggers in your life as well as the little ones that may just cause you to feel a little anxious, or on edge.

Eliminate as many triggers as you can, and create a game plan for all the rest.

If you do this your life will never be the same.

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THE FINAL DESTINATION – Eliminating PTSD triggers for good

What you learned today was how to handle triggers when they come up.

And although this is an essential piece of knowledge, it won’t get rid of the triggers for good.

It will bring you an immense amount of peace, but if you don’t work with healing the inner root cause of the triggers, you’ll be managing your triggers for the rest of your life.

So, what is the path to ending PTSD triggers for good?

Well, it really comes down to 3 things…

And these 3 things are what I call the 3 Pillars To PTSD Recovery.

If you know these 3 things you can heal your past, and not only eliminate your triggers, but all your symptoms.

Want to know what these 3 pillars are?

The 3 Pillars of PTSD Recovery

When it comes to healing your PTSD there are 3 pillars that must be mastered.

Here are the 3 pillars of full PTSD recovery…

  1. Master Your Mindset
  2. A Process To Consistently Heal
  3. A Process To Eliminate Symptoms Permanently

Are you curious about how you can master all 3 of these pillars?

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To being excited, happy, calm and obsessed with creating my dream life.

Everyone told me that I was broken.

That PTSD was something I had to cope with and deal with for the rest of my life. I am here to tell you that they are wrong.

You are not broken!

You see… The entire mental health industry is bombarding us with messages telling us to do a million and one things to cope and numb our pain.

But guess what? This doesn’t work!

While others are going in circles trying to cope with 17 new techniques at once, I kept my focus on 3 key things and fully recovered from my PTSD…

While everyone else is stuck experiencing the same nightmares and flashbacks over and over, I focused and recovered.

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See you there!

To your recovery!



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