Why PTSD Gives You An Unfair Advantage In Life

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Why PTSD Gives You An Unfair Advantage In Life

Do you think PTSD makes you weak? Guess Again.

PTSD gives you an unfair advantage in life.

You actually get a leg up over everyone else, if you know how face it in the right way.

Today you’ll learn how you can cultivate an immense amount of internal strength so you can handle anything PTSD throws at you…

And then how to use that strength to get everything you want in life.

Maybe you feel weak right now…

That’s okay, so did I…

When I was stuck in the dark depths of my PTSD I felt broken, I felt weak, and I thought it was impossible to get out of the destructive cycles that ran my life.

Some people said I was strong, but it sure as hell didn’t feel like it.

I wanted to give us dozens of times, but now looking back on my past I see that there were a few things that allowed me to hang on and allowed me to ultimately turn into someone who is unstoppable.

I’m going to show you the 3 things that you can do to cultivate unstoppable inner strength.

Here’s the 3 things…

1). Realize Your Hidden Inner Strength
2). Take The Fork In The River
3). Stand Toe-To-Toe With The Dark Side

1). Realize Your Hidden Inner Strength.

Do you feel strong?

Whether the answer is yes, or no… it doesn’t matter.

Because the fact of the matter is that you ARE strong.

Don’t believe me?

Well, it takes an immense amount of strength to get knocked down over and over and over and over again… and then to get back up is another feat of strength.

“But, Kayleen… I don’t feel strong.”

You don’t have to feel strong to be strong.

I didn’t feel strong, I felt the weakest I ever could have felt, but guess what?

I kept moving.

I kept putting one foot in front of the other, kept my head down, and took one more step.

I kept moving and never stropped.

That’s when things started to change for me.

You are experiencing one of the hardest things that life can throw at you.

You know that right?

What you are experiencing right now is NOT easy.

To move forward through something THIS hard is not easy, and it takes a tremendous amount of strength.

The first thing to realize is that you have a tremendous amount of strength in you already.

You are experiencing something incredibly hard, and you are moving forward.

And that requires strength.

See that strength in you.

See what you are able to endure.

See what life has thrown at you, and you are still here… moving forward.

Every step you take, everything you go through, requires a tremendous amount of strength.

You need to see that.

You need to appreciate that in yourself, and admire that in yourself.

Realizing that strength, that unlimited source of inner strength, is the first thing you need to do.

Realize that you already have all the strength inside of you and that you’ve been flexing it’s muscle for as long as you’ve been suffering.

See that strength and appreciate it.

Your strength inspires me every single day to get up and to write these things to you.

YOU and your strength inspires me.

You have strength.

I see it.

You’re here, you’re reading this, you’re looking for solutions to fix your problem.

I can tell you with full certainty that people who never give up, and keep looking for solutions find the solution.

You are here, you are strong, and you will WIN.

On to the second thing…

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2). Take The Fork In The River.

Your mind is like a river.

Constantly flowing with thoughts.

Most of us never take that small step back to realize that we are just caught in the non-stop flow of thoughts in our head.

And, this isn’t exclusive to people with PTSD.

Everyone is wandering around like zombies stuck in the flow of their thoughts.

And every moment we make the decision, the choice, whether it is conscious or not, to keep riding along with the flow of the river.

This is exactly what happens inside of our heads everyday when we have PTSD.

Except these thoughts tend to be a little more negative…

Am I right?

Most people suffering with PTSD are caught in the non-stop flow of negative thoughts about the past.

And we are constantly just making the choice (usually unconsciously) to follow that flow of thoughts.

We never question where the river is taking us.

We just go along for the ride…

And although the lazy river can be nice for a while, it won’t be long until that lazy river turns into rapids, or maybe even a waterfall.

So here’s what you need to do.

While you are riding the river of your thoughts you are constantly passing forks in the river.

You pass parts of the river that branch off and lead you down different paths.

But we are so caught up and distracted that we don’t even see that that there is another choice.

We don’t see that we could avoid the rapids or the waterfall just by taking a different route.


Here’s where I lose some people…

They come at me and say…

“PTSD isn’t a choice, you can’t just CHOOSE to be better… If I could just choose, it wouldn’t be a problem… it’s NOT that easy…”

Well… it is, and it isn’t that easy.

It’s never good to use broad strokes to define something, and that’s not at all what I am saying.

When you are caught in a nightmare or flashback it’s going to be really freaking hard to “choose” to not experiencing that.

That’s not what I’m saying.

Here’s what I AM saying…

There are moments every single day where negative thoughts come into our heads….

We say things to ourselves like…

“I am weak…”

“I am broken…”

“I’m not like you Kayleen, maybe you could do it, but I can’t… Your situation was easier…”

We say all these horrible negative things about ourselves and never question them.

We just follow these negative “rivers” of thought and don’t look around to see if there is a different route we can take.

How can we even start to begin to learn how to change these thoughts?

What’s the first step?

Well, it starts with this…

You aren’t even aware that you are following these “rivers” of negative thoughts.

You’re just along for the ride.

You NEED to start becoming aware.

Awareness is a key to recovery.

Without it you won’t make progress.

It’s so important that I dedicated entire portions of my recovery program just on how to cultivate more awareness to how PTSD is affecting your life.

Because if you aren’t aware of the problem, you won’t be able to solve it.

Plain and simple.

So you need to become aware of the choices that you’re currently making, and start making conscious decision to make more positive choices.

When you have one of those negative thoughts, you need to swap it. You need to say something positive, whether it is an affirmation, or literally just a swap from…

“I am weak…” to “I am unstoppable and will never give up on myself…”

Become aware of your choice, and make the positive choice.

Don’t tell me you don’t have a choice in the matter.

You always have a choice.

Now on to the third thing…

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3). Stand Toe-To-Toe With The Dark Side.

Luke VS Darth Vader

Good VS Evil

Who will win?!

We all have a dark side within us.

A part of us that will pull us down into a dark hole if we let it.

We all have that dark side that we are constantly fighting.

Sometimes we let it win, sometimes we don’t even put up a fight.

This part goes hand in hand with the last point… Make the choice.

Make the choice to fight back.

Stand up against the dark side within you.

Stand up, and never give up without a fight.

When the darkness starts to pull you down, don’t just let it win.

You need to make the choice to fight.

We all have that pit in our stomach, the sadness in our hearts, and the fear in our eyes.

But we always have a choice to fight it.

You may get beaten down…

But, if you never stand up and go toe-to-toe with the dark side, you will never even get the chance to win.

When you go against such a dark force and defeat you you become more powerful than you could ever imagine.

You see the world differently.

Suddenly problems that seem to completely derail normal humans don’t even phase you.

When PTSD puts you to the test, and you look back at it and win. Nothing else on this planet can stop you.

This is how get to that next level in life.

This is why PTSD gives you an unfair advantage.

You learn things about yourself that normal humans never will. Defeating the challenges you face now will give you a sense of confidence that can’t be found anywhere else.

When you fight back and win… and you will win. The whole world opens up to you.

Do you still think PTSD makes you weak?

On final word on building strength…

HOW strength is built?

Think of your mental strength like this…

Think of it just like a regular muscle…

How does a muscle grow?

A muscle grows and gets bigger because of the tears that occur when you lift weights and exercise.

The muscle fiber literally rips, then your body notices the rip and repairs it bigger and stronger than it was before.

Muscles goes through stress and damage to grow.

That is exactly how we build strength in our minds.

We are put under immense amounts of stress, but then build ourselves back up stronger than we were before.

[By the way… you don’t get jacked overnight, so you can’t expect to get mentally jacked overnight either]

Don’t forget that.

Did you found this information helpful?

I really hope this message helps you make some profound changes in your life.

If it did, then you’re going to get a LOT more benefit from my free webinar training…

I will show you…

  • How To Heal Even If You Don’t Believe “Full Recovery” Is Possible
  • How To Face Your Past Even If You’re Terrified Of It
  • How To Stop PTSD From Infecting And Controlling Every Area Of Your Life

Are you are ready to take the next step in your recovery?

Are you ready to stand up to the darkness and fight back?

Click Here To Fight Back and WIN!

To your recovery!!

– Kayleen

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