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“A couple of weeks ago I finally said it. I told myself and believed in it 100% -
'I don’t have PTSD anymore.’” 
- Jennifer R

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“None of this is your fault...
and ‍everything is going to be okay.”

Hi, my name is Kayleen, and I'm not a therapist...

I don't have a PHD in psychology, I'm not licensed to prescribe you medication, and I probably never will. So, what am I? 

I am a trauma survivor.

Like most, the traditional system failed me. Doctors, therapists, and "specialists" did nothing but worsen my condition. So I set to find my own path... It took years of hard work, research, and excruciating pain...but in the end?

I did it. I healed, and I'm here to reaching my hand out to help you do the same.

So yes...there is hope! I've not only healed myself, but what I've learned has helped over 100,000 other trauma survivors find peace in their life.

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Does this sound like yOU?

  • ​Can you keep it together for others?
    ...but when alone feel like you're falling apart?
  • ​​​Does it look like you have it all together?
    ...but struggle​ more than most people could even imagine?
  • ​Have you done every coping skill under the sun?
    ...but ​you still don't get any better?
  • ​​Do you ache for a better future filled with your greatest dreams?
    ​...but​ can't seem to shake free from your past?
  • ​Have you tried therapy, medications, and countless "techniques"? ...but you never seem to get lasting tangible results?
  • ​Do you want to go out and live your life?
    ...but spend days or weeks anxious, depressed, and crippled...unable to do anything but curl up in bed?
  • ​Have you been told that this is your new normal and that you need to learn how to live with it?
    ...but know deep inside there is a solution to your problem?
  • ​Are you tired of thinking about and feeling emotions and just want to MOVE ON with your life?

if yes…then you are
In good company

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Join the Movement!

Welcome to a new, positive solution that gives you freedom from your past. Allowing you to step up and face your past without fear. Empowering you with the tools that give you your power back, enabling you to decide what is right for you – without spending hours talking to a therapist or taking dangerous medication. Our processing tools help you heal the root of your trauma in a way that is safe and permanent. Sounds hard to believe, but it is true. This incredible change can open the door to the life you have been waiting for.  

Is Full Recovery Possible For You?

No one is broken beyond repair, it’s never too late to heal


We Help Trauma Survivors Who Feel Broken

Most trauma survivors think they’re doomed to a hopeless life of pain and suffering. Their painful past causes endless cycles of depression, anger, fear, and anxiety, leaving them a shell of who they used to be. But the truth is with the right tools and support even decades of trauma can be healed in as little as 12 weeks.


Eliminate Symptoms Permanently

You don’t have to live in pain forever. Once past trauma is fully processed your symptoms are eliminated. You gain an unshakable inner peace, are able to mend broken relationships, and are free to build the life you always dreamed of. All of this is possible no matter what trauma(s) you’ve endured or how long you’ve suffered.


A Powerful New Way To Heal

Recovery should always be in your hands. Your healing no longer has to be dependent on weekly sessions or a single person, we’ll show you how to independently heal from the privacy of your own home. Teaching you techniques that harness the natural power of your brain’s information processing system so your symptoms never come up again.


It’s Time To Break Free

Are you ready to leave your past behind and build a brighter future for you and your loved ones? If so, I have good news… Here at OvercomingPTSD.com, we put together a free and helpful training showing you the exact tools and techniques needed to heal PTSD and past trauma for good. You can access it now by clicking here.

The Only 3 Things You Need
To Overcome PTSD For Good


A System To Master Your Mind

With the wrong mindset, nothing is possible. With the right one, anything is. We’ve engineered a new way to program your mind that makes the impossible, possible. We hand you a systematic and proven way to master your mindset in record time.

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A Way To Eliminate Symptoms Permanently

Recovery is impossible unless you fully process the root of your trauma(s). We developed 4 hyper-targeted processing tools that eliminate flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares, & more. After using these tools you’ll be calm, confident, & sleeping through the night every night.

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A Process To Consistently Heal

In order to make long-term change, you need to learn how to break the destructive cycles of PTSD. We’ve formulated a powerful process that shatters plateaus and ends relapses for good. With this, say goodbye to the waves of emotion that spiral you out of control.

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The Recovery Secrets™

Membership Program

The revolutionary online trauma recovery membership program helping people around the world fully recover in 12 months or less guaranteed.

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In Our Recovery Secrets™ Membership you will…

  • ​Transform anxiety into confidence
  • ​Regain hope and motivation
  • ​Eliminate flashbacks and nightmares ​
  • ​Process past memories ​
  • ​Repair broken relationships ​
  • ​Overcome PTSD for good
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Stories Of Recovery

Thousands of people around the world have used our Recovery Secrets Membership to fully recover from PTSD & regain control of their life for good.

Jen R.

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“Kayleen’s support and coaching is priceless. She truly cares about her clients. She doesn’t do this for money, for ego, none of that. She truly cares for her clients & wants you to succeed & change your life and TAKE BACK your life."

Jenny F.

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“I’ve been on so many programs and medicines and nothing’s helped. I worked with Kayleen and now I’m living proof that it’s possible. I’m 20 years of trauma living proof. It does help. It does work. You just gotta do the work.”

Barry M.

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“The program was simplified, it was made easy & got rid of a lot of stuff that didn’t work. It shows you the science behind it, & I’m a very scientific person, but more importantly, it gave me hope & belief that I can be better.”

Nicole W.

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“It was an incredible experience & I'm so grateful for it. I’m never gonna forget the impact on my life, it had completely changed my life forever. It’s not easy, but it’s a lot easier than living in pain & suffering for the rest of your life.”

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“I sleep through the night, I don’t have any nightmares or ptsd symptoms…and I am the happiest I have been!”


It's the best time investment I've put into my life and myself. I've now resolved 3 of the deepest and complex traumas that I lived with for 30 years. They don't trigger me anymore, not at all.

– Ora K.

"I have tried literally every medication and therapy which none has worked. In one month in this program I am improving."


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Free Resources

Video lessons, workbooks, recovery routines, and more. All the information you need to start healing today.

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“I sleep through the night, I don’t have any nightmares or ptsd symptoms…and I am the happiest I have been!"


Access this exclusive FREE training with Kayleen right now:

  • ​The story behind my "miracle recovery" from debilitating trauma
  • ​ ​Why therapy, doctors, and medication failed to heal you
  • ​The simple 4 step system to eliminating symptoms permanently
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